Stress and anxiety

When meditating, the body undergoes a structural change, which demonstrates the profound impact of simply sitting down to meditate with eyes closed. In fact, MRI images show a complete change in the brain’s different compartments, which results in a relaxation response in the rest of the body. When meditating, beta waves, which indicate a state […]

Panic attacks occur when an individual has extreme anxiety and they start hyperventilating when they have an anxiety attack. Panic attacks are brief but have an intense rush of fear. They can be caused by either painful memory or any kind of stress or even claustrophobia. During a panic attack, the body’s sympathetic nervous system […]

Molynes United’s assistant coach, Andre Daley, who was rushed to hospital at half-time during his team’s Jamaica Premier League (JPL) match against Arnett Gardens at the UWI-JFF Captain Horace Burrell Centre of Excellence on Sunday, is doing well according to club president Herman Cruickshank. Daley, who had problems with shortness of breath, was released early […]

The fear of toads and frogs is called ranidaphobia. Having a fear or phobia of frogs is considered a specific phobia, which is a type of anxiety disorder. People who experience a specific phobia have an irrational and excessive fear of something that poses a minimal danger. When a person has a phobia of a […]

Roughly 67 percent of adults say they’ve been feeling extra stressed lately. Here are some things you can eat, and avoid, to keep calm and carry on. The Lede When our body experiences stress it causes anxiety. This could include physical symptoms like aches, pains and loss of sleep, which make daily activities more cumbersome […]

By Teresa Carr Administrative Assistant Excerpt from – How to Practice Conscious Breathing to Reduce Stress and Anxiety by Crystal Hoshaw on January 30, 2022. You may barely think about it, but it’s ever-present. Arguably, it’s one of the most important biological processes: It’s your breath. Experts say that the average resting adult […]

UPPER PENINSULA, Mich. (WLUC) – Mental health professionals are sharing tips for how to boost your mood during our long winters. Colder weather, shorter days, and less physical activity may lead to an increase in anxiety or depression during the winter. Most know this as seasonal depression. “We have a decrease in activity, and we […]

At Children’s National Hospital, we are committed to helping those who are stressed, anxious and just overwhelmed. Our hospital-wide Mindful Mentors program has created a library of short exercises to decrease stress. These short techniques will help you to calm your mind and body and find your focus again. We encourage you to find two […]

If you’ve ever experienced anxiety, you know that it can get pretty uncomfortable. Your heart rate increases, your muscles tense up and you might even develop a headache or stomach ache. While these symptoms aren’t necessarily dangerous, they can become quite uncomfortable if they last for long periods of time. Breathing exercises are a simple […]

It’s not just the jitters. It’s anxiety, and according to the National Institute of Mental Health, one in three Americans has experienced it. While there’s no app for instant inner peace, the tech sector is working on biohacks to tackle anxiety. Here, we highlight five of today’s most promising anti-anxiety tech tools.  Focus Your Mind: […]

Breathing exercises help a lot in reliving stress believe many experts. many studies have been conducted to prove and support the fact. Here are a few breathing exercises that help you breath better: Box breathing: A simple practice in which you : Inhale to the count of four, hold your breath for four counts, exhale […]

Photo: fizkes ((((Shutterstock). this is number one do not do It depends on the app when it comes to breathing and meditation,Most of us are about to begin.Lots of great things Guided meditation app If you are starting, and Once in the ditchyou can Please continue by myself. The best meditation apps to try are: […]

It’s all about harnessing the power of your inner fire, aka your breath 20 February 2022 – 00:00 So what is the Wim Hof method? You may have heard about it in relation to popping your warm body into very cold water for its bracing health effects. Hof became famous in the early 2000s by […]

Just one minute a day will relieve your anxiety! Help your bone mass! Boost your brain power! While these claims seem like a too-good-to-be-true infomercial, this exercise done daily for 60 seconds has been show to result in significant benefits. And it’s not some intense cardio workout. In fact, it’s from yoga: plank pose. Yoga […]

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health issues. People may take quick, shallow breaths during a panic or anxiety that disrupts the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide. During anxiety, a person breathes rapidly and has a high heart rate. Also, the person feels tired and faces trouble sleeping. So, to minimise […]

EFT works by identifying the negative emotions experienced, then tapping on various points of the body while saying an affirmation. It incorporates chakras and meridians of the body that are associated with specific feelings. Chakras and meridians were first identified by Buddhist monks thousands of years ago. Since then, many have recognized the correlation between […]

The role of the breath in meditation and stress management programs is well established. As a meditation strategy, focusing on the breath is primarily a tool for concentration, a place to focus the mind. As a stress management technique, slowing the breath, “belly breathing,” and focusing on the exhalation are all common (and effective) approaches […]

February is National Fresh Breath Month. February is the month of love and Valentines Day is all anyone is talking about. But there is something else that needs a bit more attention this month – fresh breath.  It is National Fresh Breath Month. According to experts, almost everyone experiences bad breath at some point. Although […]