Social Anxiety

Drug Details General Brand Name: VENLAFAXINE HCL ER 75 MG CAP Generic Name: venlafaxine HCl Manufacturer: AUROBINDO PHARM Package size: 90EA Long-acting reversible contraception product: No Refill-to-soon Utilization*: 75% Drug Pricing Retail Pharmacy Cost: .12482 Retail Pharmacy Eff Date: 10/26/2021 Specialty Pharmacy Cost: .12263 Specialty Pharmacy Eff Date: 10/26/2021 Long-term Care Pharmacy Cost: .12182 Long-term […]

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3 Jan 2021 5 mg escitalopram  Beginning of March dose increase to 40mg, additionally venlafaxine 50 mg, every 5 days increase to max 150 mg (this dose ca 4 weeks) Tapering: Venlafaxine: 15.Apr. 112 mg, 22.4. 100 mg, 6.5. 87,5 mg, 20.5. 70 mg, 4.Jun. 62,5 mg,20.6. 50 mg, 21.10. 46.37 22.10. 37 mg Escitalopram: 30.Apr. 35 […]

I have major depression, cptsd, ADHD, social anxiety, GAD and bipolar 2. After being on Pristiq 150mg for over half a year and getting terrible brain zaps without missing doses, extreme apathy, Hypomania, no increase in happiness with only a slight decrease in general anxiety I decided to go off it. the withdrawals were terrible […]

(edit) SOLVED: Brain zap is the word I was looking for! It has been over a week since I’ve taken my last reduced dose of venlafaxine as prescribed by my psychiatrist and I’ve had a very particular withdrawal symptom which has persisted since then, lowered in intensity after a few days but unchanged for several […]

This report displays the potential drug interactions for the following 2 drugs: Oruvail (ketoprofen) venlafaxine Edit list (add/remove drugs) Interactions between your drugs Using venlafaxine together with ketoprofen may increase the risk of bleeding. The interaction may be more likely if you are elderly or have kidney or liver disease. Talk to your doctor if […]

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Female, 32, 136 lbs. Started 150mg venlafaxine Oct 2018. April 2019 had a spontaneous dissection of my carotid artery (in 2 places). No issues since, however my blood pressure has been high since then (typically 130/90 or 130/95. The exception being during my pregnancy, when I took Labetolol 100mg daily. Docs in the hospital put […]

Hello dear community, I’ve been tapering venlafaxine since early July (been taking 150mg since February 2019), down one dose of 37,5mg every 4 weeks. Last week Monday I took my last 37.5mg tablet, Tuesday evening the withdrawal symptoms started. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were quite awful: dizziness, nausea, weakness, sensitivity to noise and light and […]

A rapid, accurate, and sensitive high-performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) method for simultaneous determination of venlafaxine (V) and O-desmethylvenlafaxine (ODV) in plasma and urine has been developed. V and ODV are extracted from plasma using a liquid-liquid extraction procedure, chromatographed on a Supelcosil LC-8DB column, and quantitated by UV detection at 229 nm. Linearity was established […]

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Been on Venlafaxine for 3 years. Only reason I haven’t come of is because of the withdrawal horror stories I read. Missed a dose 4 days ago and decided to just do cold turkey. Obviously I’m really in the throes of withdrawal – mainly jolts, tinnitus and tiredness as well as irritability and sleep issues. […]

I’ve been on Effexor XR (Desvenlafaxine, SNRI) and Adderall XR since July-ish. Started out on 37.5mg, and just upped to 75mg this month, but im quitting! I’ve realized effexor has desensitized me from weed (and therefore psychedelics too from my research) to the point of muting them completely, and in turn ended up learning about […]

This report displays the potential drug interactions for the following 2 drugs: Thera-M Enhanced (multivitamin with minerals) venlafaxine Edit list (add/remove drugs) Interactions between your drugs No interactions were found between Thera-M Enhanced and venlafaxine. This does not necessarily mean no interactions exist. Always consult your healthcare provider. Thera-M Enhanced A total of 97 drugs […]

American Academy of Pediatrics and other medical experts exclusively recommend to breastfeed the baby for first 6 months. Once you introduce baby to other foods it is recommended to breastfeed for at least first year of babys life. Taking medication while breastfeeding could be tricky as most drugs pass in breast milk. In this article […]