The connection between stress and work performance has become increasingly complex. Suddenly, in addition to traditional work challenges like task overload and relationship conflicts, we also feel lonely and overwhelmed by the impacts of things like a global pandemic, social strife, and warnings of impending economic doom. It’s no secret that once we start to […]

T’ai Chi is a very old martial art that has been misrepresented in modern times.  Many are flocking to studios and fitness centers that claim they are teaching T’ai Chi yet what they are learning is a set of simplified moves.  Moves that have been adapted and modernized without definition. Now to the contrary, movement […]

Your skin is the way in which your inner health is reflected. This is not only the body’s health but also your state of mind. Yoga allows for the blood to get flowing; it improves circulation within the body. This is a necessary step to eliminate toxic waste in order to purify the system both […]

Learn the fundamentals of yoga breathing to help calm and reduce stress. This workshop will provide you with tools to bring awareness to your breath and teach you how to use it to slow down and relax your nervous system. This hands-on workshop will focus on seated breathwork and practicing belly breathing, chest breathing and […]

Share on PinterestGetty Images/Vladimir Vladimirov We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here’s our process. Some people love being in the company of others and can’t wait to be around a lot of people. Yet this may be […]

Dogs aren’t proficient at sweating like humans are, and that makes them much more prone to overheating. Tony Hawkins, Valley Vet Supply Technical Services Veterinarian, says overweight, older, or out-of-shape dogs, or dogs with underlying health conditions, may be at greater risk than healthier dogs. He says dogs suffering from heat stress may demonstrate excessive […]

Let’s say your spouse is experiencing a medical emergency — chest pains, shortness of breath or severe pain from a fall. You drive them to the emergency room or call 911. And you may start feeling panicky yourself. In that moment, adrenaline and cortisol flood your system, directing certain parts of your body to adapt […]

Asthma is an inflammation of the lungs in which the air passages constrict excessively and cause breathing problems. This is also called bronchial hyperactivity and is often accompanied by wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, or shortness of breath. The narrowing of the airways can be caused by allergy triggers, such as house dust mites and […]

Sydney Sweeney: Sidney Sweeney elaborates on the impact his busy schedule has on mental health. Sydney Sweeney Giving details about her busy schedule where being too busy with her work has a direct impact on her health, Sydney Sweeney talks to The Hollywood Reporter in detail about it, revealing that June In the month of, […]

Express News Service HYDERABAD:  The Vogue Beauty Festival — 2022, a four-day virtual celebration of wellness and beauty, with a deeper understanding of the internal and external approach to self-care, had audiences eating, breathing and sleeping beauty. Held between July 28 and 31, the all-access pass included international masterclasses, beauty school videos, effective tips on […]

Dogs pay with their health, happiness, and lives for humans’ obsession with breeding and buying them based on their appearances. All “purebred” dogs suffer from genetic conditions that can cause pain, discomfort, and debilitation. Many face lifelong disabilities, ailments, and premature deaths because humans have inbred them and bred them to have grotesquely distorted physical […]

For many, it is one of the most enjoyable activities, regardless of whether they sing well or badly. What matters is raising your voice, feeling the song and letting go. These are its main benefits. When we sing our body releases endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, the “happiness” chemicals that improve our mood and make us […]

Colin Farrell suffered several panic attacks while filming underwater scenes for Thirteen Lives. In Ron Howard’s new film, which chronicles the events of the 2018 Tham Luang cave rescue in Thailand, the Irish actor portrays British cave diver John Volanthen. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at the film’s recent Los Angeles premiere, Colin revealed that […]