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What kind of breathing is healthy?

Slow and deep breathing using the diaphragm when inhaling and using the deep abdominal muscles when exhaling. Specialists suggest that exhalation should always be longer than inhalation.

Will BREATHING+ help with my asthma?

Yes. Regular practice will train you to better coope with asthma attacks. Additionally it will reduce fatigue and asthma induced breathlessness and open up airways so you will breathe easier.

Should I breathe through nose or through mouth?

Inhalation should always occur through nose, exhalation however is more efficient through pursed lips, and consequently more air gets released from the lungs and therefore better oxygenation is achieved.

I breathe with an open mouth, what should I do?

You should practice prolonged exhalation through pursed lips (by playing BREATHING+ games) to learn to maximize your exhalation and suppress inhalation at the same time.

What about during sport, can I inhale through mouth?

Yes. In swimming and martial arts you can because it is faster and so allows athlete to get more air in less time. At rest however inhalation through nose is suggested.

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