Did you know that pursed lip breathing makes it easier to manage asthma attacks?


Asthma is a condition caused by inflammation in the airways (called bronchi) that lead to the lungs. This inflammation causes airways to tighten and narrow, which blocks air from flowing freely into the lungs, making it hard to breathe. Breathing games promote exhalation through pursed lips, which is exhalation against pressure . This positive expiratory-end pressure (PEEP) opens up the airways making it easier to breathe, additionally it slows down breathing.

Is asthma stressful?

Kids with asthma are more sensitive to stress. Stress can cause asthma attack and asthma attack can cause stress. We call this Positive feedback loop; When kids are in stress, their heart rate is increased, when heart rate is increased it can cause asthma attack. Asthma leads to inefficient rapid breathing which is similar to a state of panic.

People with asthma are more sensitive to stress.

Did you know that human beings respond to stress by inhaling and holding air inside them..?

It results in a so called Fight or flight response which raises sympathetic activity of autonomous nervous system. It increases heart rate and cardiac ejection force and so it raises blood pressure. Additionally secretion of stress hormones starts (cortisol, glucagon, catecholamines, antidiuretic hormone), therefore digestion slows down and the activity of cognitive functions is increased.

…and they release air when they feel relieved?


Exhalation through pursed lips is a sign of relief.

What Can Be Done?

Asthma attacks can be managed by proper breathing exercises. When kids are experiencing an asthma attack they feel a great stress and they find it hard to slow down their breathing. Breathing exercises help coope with the asthma episodes.

Did you know? Exhalation through pursed lips makes it  easier to breathe and to control breathing during an exacerbation or asthma attack.

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