Did you know that pursed lip breathing exercises improve heart function and get you more energy?

During exercise we become breathless. It happens because we don't exhale enough air with each breath (we keep air trapped inside) and so new oxygen cannot be transferred to blood and to body cells. Natural reflex is to inhale even more air which only worsens the situation.

Exercise can make you feel short of breath, especially if you have asthma or COPD.

With Breathing Games you will learn to breathe more efficiently and therefore reduce feelings of breathlessness and achieve better aerobic performance. According to the Cleveland Clinic Medical Centre, pursed lip breathing “is one of the simplest ways to control shortness of breath.”

Did you know? Breathing is the only way to affect your heart consciously. Inhalation accelerates the heart and exhalation slows it down. Exhalation through pursed lips is more efficient and it prolongs exhalation and so it reduces heart rate, reduces blood pressure and increases heart rate variability. Regular breathing exercises result in change of breathing behaviour.

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